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Need a couple flavor suggestions for Mixology?

Maybe you don’t know where to start with Mixology. After all, there is thousands of possible combinations! So here’s a couple of ideas to jumpstart your creative juices flowing (pun intended)(percentages are divided among total flavor makeup, but IS NOT necessary to include percentages in your custom profile, you can be as general or specific […]

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nosturm mixology, premium ejuice, premium diy ejuice, vape juice, vaping

Creating your own custom juice with Nostrum Mixology

Have you ever had a juice that you loved except for one thing? Maybe it had to much of one flavor? Or maybe you thought that custard would have been better with a different fruit, or just wondered what a specific flavor combination would taste like? Well now you can get SUPER custom flavors with […]

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winner winner chicken dinner

All American Zombie Hunter Giveaway Winners

Here you go folks!! Thanks again for your support!! Winners PM us on FB!

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Stainless steel wire for vape

Temp Control issues possibly coming to an end with Stainless Steel

We’ve all done it- 437 wraps of nickel wire around a 3mm just to get to .1 ohms, and then what if you want to install a second coil? Try 600 wraps each side. Just to get to .08. Then once you get your mangled 7 foot long coils into your Rda deck somehow without […]

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What is the Shelf Life of E-liquid?

E-liquid, if stored in a cool, dark and dry place, especially ones without nicotine, can have the original taste for as long as 2 years. However, it is suggested that you use the e-liquid and cartridges within 12 months after the manufacturing date, especially if Nicotine is present. Remember that the longer you store the liquid, […]

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Steeping Strategies

Steeping means -’ to soak or be soaked in a liquid in order to soften/cleanse or extract an element.’ So when discussing steeping e-juice – it is all about extracting more flavor. When many customers order e-juice, depending on where you purchase it from, you may get a handcrafted liquid which would be made specific […]

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